LCD COG Module Manufacturers

  • Ampire - LCD modules
  • AZ Displays - LCD modules
  • Crystal Fontz - LCD and OLED Modules
  • Hantronix - LCD modules
  • Jinghua LCD - LCD modules
  • Jiya LCD - LCD modules
  • Lampex - LCD modules, printers,
  • LXD Inc. - LCD module manufacturer
  • MicroTip Usa - LCD modules.
  • Multek - LCD module manufacturer
  • Okaya - LCD module manufacturer
  • Orient Display - LCD modules
  • Shenzhen Success Electronics - LCD and OLED Modules
  • Tianma - LCD manufacturer
  • Tin Sharp - LCD display modules. Chineese company. These guys were actually willing to give me a quote without a hassle. They have good pricing, but high minimum orders. Here's a sample quote that I got: TG12832-COG5 FSTN, transflective no backligth Unit price: USD1.55 EX-WORK MOQ: 5K/lot TC802A-01 STN, Yellow-green, Yellow-green LED Backlight Unit price: USD1.62 EX-WORK MOQ: 2K/lot US Distributors such as Newhaven are marking these up in the 10 dollar range, which I've always suspected was a rip off. Now I'm sure.
  • Yeebo - LCD modules
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