Battery Holder Manufacturers

Battery holders are containers that allow one or more batteries to be inserted and removed. They may have a wire interface, or snap on connectors.
  • - Wide variety of battery holders for AAA, AA, Button/Coin, C, D, N, 9V and other standard batterys.
  • Keystone Electronics - Lots of hard to find specialty parts, like battery holders, brackets, spacers, terminals, fuse clips, and stamped metal parts.
  • Renata - Bateries and battery holders
  • Vegetronix - Vegetronix specializes in low cost soil moisture sensor probes, grow lights, data logers, and SDI-12 protocol translators, and irrigation systems and solutions. Their moisture sensor probes are sensitive and accurate enough to be used in research grade instrumentation, but because of their extreme low cost they can be deployed on a massive scale in irrigation systems.
Water Level Sensor

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