PI and T Pad Attenuator Calculator

'); print("\nAttenuation Power$Attenuation dB\n"); print("Attenuation (Vin/Vout)$AInv\n"); print("Characteristic Impedance$Z\n"); print("
\n"); print(''); print("\n"); printf("\n", $Rp, $Rs, $piRp, $piRs); print("
T NetworkPI Network
Rp= %.3f, Rs=%.3fRp= %.3f,Rs= %.3f

\n"); $Rs = StandardResistor($Rs, $Tolerance); $Rp = StandardResistor($Rp, $Tolerance); $piRp = StandardResistor($piRp, $Tolerance); $piRs = StandardResistor($piRs, $Tolerance); $NewZ = $Rp * ($Rs + $Z) / ($Rp + $Rs + $Z) + $Rs; $NewA = $Rp * $Z / ($Rs * $Rs + 2 * $Rs * $Rp + $Z * ($Rs + $Rp)); $Zer = abs($Z - $NewZ) * 100 / $Z; print(''); print("\n"); print("\n"); print("\n"); print("\n"); printf("\n", $NewZ); printf("\n", $Zer); printf("\n", $NewA); printf("\n", 20 * log10(1 / $NewA)); print("
Using Standard Components of $Tolerance% Tolerance
T NetworkPI Network
Rp= $Rp, Rs=$RsRp= $piRp,Rs= $piRs
Variance due to Standard Component Values for T Network
Actual Matching Impedance%.3f
Actual Matching Impedance Error%.3f %%
Actual Attenuation (Vin/Vout)%.3f
Actual Attenuation Power (dB)%.3f dB

\n"); ?>
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