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Experienced Microchip PIC Consultant

There are many situations where it makes sense to use a low cost PIC microcontroller in a design, such as when cost or low power operation is crucial. 

Daycounter is a registered microchip consultant, and is constantly developing projects with PIC processors, and we have the experience to help you to find the right processor for your design.  Since we are experts in DSP we can also help you with the new dsPIC processors.

Here are just a few of the designs we've implemented using PIC processors.

  • PIC based engine injector controller
  • PIC based florescent light controller
  • PIC based battery charger
  • PIC based rotary decoder
  • PIC based barbeque gas shut off valve

We can quickly take your project from concept to a functioning prototype, normally, within a couple of weeks. 

We have all of the latest PIC development tools, assemblers, programmers, and debuggers, to get your PIC project done quickly, and in budget. 

Contact us now, if you need an experienced microchip consultant, or contract microcontroller designer.


PIC Programming Tools:

For rapid firmware updates, customers of Daycounter can order the following software tools to download firmware in to their custom boards:

  • DV164005 - ICD2 Programmer
  • AC162049 - Universal Programming Adapter

These tools can be purchased directly from www.microchip.com.

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