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Silver Board Contract Assembly


Useful Chemicals and their Properties

Here's a list of useful chemicals that we've come across and some of there properties. 

  • Calcium Chloride - Very Hygroscopic, Absorbs ammonia, Exothermic with absorbsion of water, Lowers freezing point of water, corrosive on steel.
  • Titanium Dioxide - Photocalist used in Graetzel Cell, Produces hydroxyl radicals OH- when exposed to light.
  • Copper Sulfate - When paper is dipped in a solution of copper sulfate, then exposed to ammonia, the paper will turn blue. 
  • Polyacetylene - Intrinsically conductive plastic with conductivity approaching that of silver. 



Daycounter specializes in contract electronics design.  Do you need some help on your project?  Contact us to get a quote. 


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