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Firmware lies in the gray area between software and hardware.  It can refer to the code  in embedded systems, or the code used to program FPGAs or CPLDs.  

Daycounter has extensive experience in firmware development. We can create firmware using C/C++ or assembly language, based on your needs. We work with a variety of processors, including PICs from microchip, 8051 from Intel, DSPs from Analog Devices, the MSP430 low power microcontrollers fro TI, and Hybrid DSP microcontrollers such as the DSP56 series from Motorola.

We also have extensive experience with programmable logic devices, such as PLDs, CPLDs, and FPGAs from Lattice, Altera and Xilinx. 

If you need a firmware development contractor or firmware development consultant, please contact us.






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