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Custom Firmware, Electronics Design, and PCB Layout

Electronics Design
Firmware Development
Software Development
Embedded Design
PCB Layout
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Reverse Engineering
Device Driver Development
Motor Controllers
Data Acquisition Systems
Palm OS Software
Windows CE Software
Pocket PC Software
Design for Manufacturing
Through Hole to Surface Mount (SMT) Conversion 
Microchip PIC Consultant
MSP430 Development
DSP56 Development
RoHs Redesign
Design for USB

Silver Board Contract Assembly



Daycounter Engineering Services has helped dozen of companies throughout North America with their engineering needs. Here's just a partial list in alphabetical order.

  • Advanced Metal Products
  • Aralight
  • Asphalt Zipper
  • Beacon Light
  • Castle Hill
  • Clear Products
  • Credit Suppliers
  • Creative Engineering
  • Emerge Core
  • EnvirO3Care
  • Exact Flow
  • GB Instruments
  • GE Inspection Technologies
  • Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
  • Ingenco
  • Infineon
  • Interactive Learning
  • JTEC
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Lane Lock, Inc.
  • Lite Touch
  • NebTek


  • Northrop Grumman Missile Systems
  • NR Systems
  • Oak Creek Energy
  • Optec Displays
  • Parvus
  • Peterson Investments
  • ProBusiness Online
  • Progressive Devices
  • QuickMile
  • RAD x
  • Raser Technologies, Inc.
  • Safetran Systems
  • SC Laboratories
  • Sky Blue Communications
  • Spectra Symbol
  • Steam-Whirl
  • Sternschnuppe
  • Squire Turbo Systems
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • VSM Technologies
  • Wolf Electronix


"We have used Daycounter's services on numerous projects.  Their impressive staff is not only technologically savvy, but also up to speed on current business issues.  Moreover, their services have always been on time and on budget."

James Nielson - CEO Credit Suppliers, Inc.  A Financial Services Company

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